About Us



Our mission is to create a line of clothes that make you feel wonderful while being friendly to our planet.  The Malabar Collective is a group of artisans, first time entrepreneurs, small business owners and lots of helpers who have come together to make this happen. Every piece is created with joy and there is a person behind every step in the process who takes great pride in what he or she creates. We aim to produce in small batches in an ethic and sustainable manner whereby reducing waste. Our goal is to be good to the environment and to the people that work with us.


The Malabar collective was born out of Orlene’s desire to bring people and communities from around the world together in a meaningful way. 

For us, it’s about bringing people together - whether that’s friends and family round a pretty table or by traveling and meeting new people. Our primary core collection is based on just that: linens for your table and a dress that can take you from your gatherings at home to your jaunts around the world.

Orlene’s personal style of dressing is effortless, timeless, and practical. There is an elegance that comes from this ease, which is reflected not just in the way she dresses but also in the way she sets her table and entertains.

 Orlene, grew up in Mumbai and spent her holidays traveling or at her grandmother’s home, barefoot among coconut groves and rubber plantations on the Malabar coast of southwestern India. Much of Orlene’s adult life was spent on the Upper East Side of NYC. The fusion between these two worlds is reflected in all Malabar Collective pieces and the brand’s ethos. Today, Orlene calls New York, Mumbai, London home.

Note from our Founder  

I started Malabar with the aim of having garments in my wardrobe that could adjust to my body and always fit me, regardless of how my body appeared or felt on any particular day.  To that order most of our garments have the ability to adapt to you a size up or down. 

 All too often as women we find our bodies changing through the course of the month. Some days we retain more water and other days we feel quite svelte.  I've experienced the frustration of planning to wear something only to find that my body has other plans that day. The dress I had in mind might feel too tight, leaving me uncomfortable and self-conscious. This issue has persisted since my 20s, but as I've grown older, I've noticed it happening more frequently. Whether it's a night out, a long-distance flight, or just a hot day! I could feel puffy for days! And though I have a penchant for loose, oversized flowy clothes I do love a more fitted garment as well.  I'm also on the lookout for clothes that suit my relaxed yet urban, lifestyle—nothing too formal or business-like, but also nothing too youthful.

This is precisely what we consider when designing our garments. We ensure that they offer options: if they're loose and flowy, they can be cinched in with a belt, and if they're fitted, they'll typically have some shirring to allow for comfort and breathability every day.

Additionally, one thing we love to include in almost all our garments is pockets. I'm always on the go and appreciate having a place to stash things, especially in the summer when I don't have coat pockets. So, pockets have become a staple feature in all our clothes—after all, who doesn't love a dress or skirt with pockets?