The Malabar collective was born out of Orlene’s desire to bring people and communities from around the world together in a meaningful way. 

For us, it’s about bringing people together - whether that’s friends and family round a pretty table or by traveling and meeting new people. Our primary core collection is based on just that, linens for your table and a dress that can take you from your gatherings at home to your jaunts around the world.

 Orlene’s personal style of dressing is effortless, timeless and practical.  There is an elegance that comes from this ease. This is reflected not just in the way she dresses but also in the way she likes to set her table and entertain. “Nothing should be too fussy or perfect, this allows people to relax and be in the moment”.  Our clothes and linens add an element of simple luxury to the everyday.  Even the week night dinner is special with some nice casual linens and Orlene’s daughters enjoy the daily routine of setting the table.  The girls also love the added bonus of creating less paper waste!


Our founder, Orlene, grew up in Mumbai and her holidays were spent traveling and spending time at her grandmother’s home, barefoot among coconut groves and rubber plantations on the Malabar coast of southwestern India. Much of Orlene’s adult life was spent on the upper east side of NYC surrounded by beautiful smart women and it is here she learnt to dress, decorate and create.  The fusion between these two worlds is reflected in our pieces and ethos. Today, Orlene calls New York, Mumbai, Florida and now London home and loves traveling. This is a big influence in everything she does.


 The Malabar Collective is a collective of people who have come together to do what they love. Every piece is created with joy and there is person behind every step in the process who takes great pride in what he/she is creating. We believe in being gentle on the planet and create everything in small batches or made to order to avoid waste. Our goal is to be good to the environment as well as to all the people that work with us. The Malabar collective is a group of artisans, first time entrepreneurs, small business owners and lots of helpers who  have come together to make this happen.